In order to achieve the highest possible quality, the Metal Print method has been selected, where the printing is done in aluminum panels. The materials used are ChromaLuxe's, which is also the leader in high definition surfaces. The construction of the panels is done by the Greek company Photolab Athens, one of the 14 certified companies in the world by ChromaLuxe for the implementation of this method.
The quality of each copy is stunning with rich, bright colors, sharp contrast and sharpness while its greatest advantage is that it remains durable and indestructible over time. Through the dye sublimation process, the images are injected directly into a specially coated emulsion. No papers, adhesives or other materials are used. So the printed work is not only not affected by environmental conditions such as heat or moisture but it is waterproof and even fireproof. This method is the absolute choice for applications that require durable materials to the highest quality, such as photo exhibitions in Museums, decorating hotels, workplaces and residences.
D2020 offers three alternative ways of presenting each artwork to satisfy even the most demanding:
- Print without frame
kgevrdid 7 N
Perimetric metal rods of 1 cm thick are placed behind the artwork so by placing the artwork on the wall there is a relative distance that will give depth to it.
- Print with normal floating
kgevrdid 7 NF
High-quality hand-crafted frame with a thin margin in white or black that gives prestige and luxury.
- Print with large floating
kgevrdid 7 LF
High-quality hand-crafted frame with a wide margin in white or black that gives prestige and luxury.
All of our printings from the "Kostas Gur aerial artwork" collection are printed in a single size of 120cm (47,24in) width and 80cm (31,5in) or 67.5cm (26.57in) height, depending on the subject and are signed by the artist while they are accompanied by numbering and certificate of authenticity.
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